Damien Giacchino

damienDamien Giacchino and his wife Stacey are the Young Adult Pastors of Grown & Sanctified, a Young Adult Ministry at Calvary Christian Center (CCC). As Young Adult Pastor, Damien is devoted to helping young adults (YA) discover the length, height, width, and depth of God’s love, not just in knowledge, but also through experience. Damien like some has not always been saved. Although Damien knew of God he wasn’t living for God and it was when he was facing several years in prison and had no one to help, with multiple cases pending and with no money for a lawyer, he asked God for help and received it. He experienced God’s mercy and grace over his life. Which led him to make a commitment to God by rededicating his life back to Christ. Shortly after God begin to intervene in Damien’s situation and he experienced the love of Jesus redemptive power. After receiving God’s mercy his sentence was reduced to a year. Upon his release Damien pursued his calling and attended Calvary Christian Center’s Five Fold School School of Ministry for two years where he met his lovely wife Stacey and became a licensed and ordained as a minister. Damien loves spending time with his family. He is a committed husband to Stacey, and caring father to their son Damien Giacchino Jr. (DJ). Damien Giacchino served as a youth pastor and shortly after he continued his formal education at Sacramento Theological Seminary where he received a Bachelor of Theology and a Masters of Christian Counseling. And was recognized as Valedictorian of his class in the master degree program. After serving as a youth pastor for several years Damien felt God call Stacey and him to start a YA ministry, because of the need at CCC and around the world to help young adults to grow in their relationship with Jesus and make better choices in life based on the word of God. Damien and Stacey are committed to serving YA and being the bridge that connects this generation to grow in relationship with Jesus, and experience all of the wonderful blessings that God’s word promises.

Stacey Giacchino

staceyStacey Giacchino is the wife of Damien Giacchino; the couple is the Young Adult Pastors of Grown & Sanctified, a young adult ministry at Calvary Christian Center (CCC). Stacey is a devoted helpmeet to her husband and a loving mother to their son DJ. She is committed to the vision of the ministry, and fulfilling the purpose of God’s call on her life.

Stacey placed a premium on education and made history by being the first in her family to graduate from college. In 2003, she earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with and Emphasis in Law and Social Change from the University of California, Berkeley. In 2008, while attending an MBA program, Stacey felt God leading her to ministry (which made no sense to her) and obediently dropped out of the MBA program to attend Calvary Christian Center’s Five Fold School of Ministry. In her obedience she began walking in purpose and fulfilling her destiny. She met her wonderful husband Damien Giacchino at CCC’s Five Fold School of Ministry and became a licensed minister. Stacey served as a Youth Pastor with her husband and shortly after she continued her education at Sacramento Theological Seminary where she received a Bachelor of Theology and Christian Counseling and a Master of Theology and Christian Counseling.

Stacey has a heart for people and is passionate about helping young women be devoted to their personal relationship with Jesus through purposeful uncompromisingly righteous living.

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