Senior Pastors

Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux

In addition to being a world-renown pastor, teacher, author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux is a committed and loving husband to his wife, Dr. Brenda K. Goudeaux, and a devoted father to their three children: Kimetra Goudeaux-Ayers, Phillip Goudeaux II, and Nehemiah Goudeaux.


Raised in a turbulent environment by a single mother, Dr. Goudeaux opens the eyes of many with his acclaimed book and ministry series Where are the Fathers? Which reminds readers that Jesus Christ is a father to the fatherless. The hand of God, the father, is certainly evident in Dr. Goudeaux’s life. The Goudeaux children and their spouses, they work and serve along with their parents Drs. Phillip & Brenda Goudeaux.

Dr. Brenda K Goudeaux

In 1989, Sister Goudeaux opened the Women’s Overcomer Residential Recovery Home, a shelter and care housing program that provides a safe haven for women in recovery from drug addiction, physical and mental abuse. Shortly after, she opened the House of Ruth, a transitional living facility where valuable life skills are taught and participants gain the wisdom and confidence necessary to restore their lives and regain their lost families.

In addition to these programs, Brenda Goudeaux is the founder of the Covenant Womens Ministry, designed to address the spiritual and social needs of women of all ages, ethnicities, professions and walks of life. In her powerful, yet compassionate messages, she teaches women how to live victorious, abundant lives of peace and prosperity through the wisdom of the Word of God. [/toggle] [/toggles] [/one_third_last]