Who We Are

Grown & Sanctified is a ministry of Calvary Christian Center led by young adult pastors Damien and Stacey Giacchino. Grown and Sanctified is uniquely designed for young adults (YA) between the ages of 18-30s, for singles, married couples, college students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and regardless of church membership. At Grown & Sanctified we believe in providing an atmosphere where young adults are encouraged to think, feel, choose, communicate, connect, and celebrate as some begin or others continue their journey to discovering who they are in Christ and the amazing potential that lives within them.

Did You Know…

There are over 50 million young adults in the U.S. between the ages of 18-35. This is the largest generation in church history. However this is one of the largest un-church generations in American history. Studies have shown that over 8 million young adults will no longer be active in church by the age of 30. Our goal is to empower this generation of YA to use their gifts, passions, creativity, and ideas to push God’s kingdom and help people. Young adults are not the unreachable generation they are just the most unreached generation!

Why We Get Together

We believe that most young adults are in transitional stages in life, and may feel as though God is no longer relevant to them in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, as a ministry we believe we have a mandate from God as repairers of the breach to be the bridge that connects a generation of young adults back to God by presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in effective, creative, and relevant ways (without compromising) using media, music, poetry, fashion, arts & entertainment etc. that will appeal to this generation of YA and expose the messages of seduction, lies, & deception that comes from Satan and his kingdom of darkness.

What We Do


Our Vision is to help this generation of young adults to understand & experience how wide, long, deep, and high God’s love is; As well as empowering them to live a sanctified and destiny driven life  by using their gifts, passions, creativity to push God’s kingdom and help people! “Mature in our love walk and set apart for God.”


Our mission is to encourage young adults to continually pursue and grow in 3 vital relationships; intimacy with God, the young adult community within the church, and with others they influence outside of the church community.


Worship – Celebrate God’s Presence in our lives and glorify his name (Acts 17:27-28).
Ministry – Meeting the needs of others through love and servanthood (John 13:14-16).
Evangelism – Sharing the good news of Christ (Mark 16:15).
Fellowship – Young adults connecting with one another through powerful and authentic community relationships (Acts 4:32-37).
Discipleship – Teaching young adults God’s truth and the benefits of obeying His word (John 8:31-32).
Send - Empowering young adults to operate in their callings, spiritual gifts, authority, and covenant rights as sons or daughters in Christ as they fulfill The Great Commission. (Mark 16:15-18)